Red Kuri Courge d’hiver


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Courge Red Kuri

  • 40 semences
  • Pollinisation libre
  • Distance entre plantes – 12-24″
  • Distance entre rangé – 3-4′
  • Plein Soleil
  • Arroser 2-3 jours
  • Jours maturité – 95 jours
  • Jours germination – 2 semaines
  • Étalage – 20′
  • Cucurbita maxima
  • Taux de germination: 100%

Planter:  Intérieur 3-4 semaines avant dernier gel ou semis direct après le dernier gel 1’’ de profondeur

Récolter:  Lorsque le fruit est mûr et que les feuilles sont brunies


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Dimensions 8.255 x 0.3 x 11.43 cm

Cucumber beetles, squash bugs, and vine borers are all common pests for cucurbits. Protect young plants with floating row cover. Squash bug eggs found on the undersides of leaves may be crushed by hand. For vine borers, cut out of vines and hill soil over the wound. Keep field borders mowed and remove plant refuse in the fall; spring plow to bury pupae. C. moschata types are less susceptible to vine borers. Pyrethrin sprays may offer some control.

Common cucurbit diseases include powdery mildew, downy mildew, bacterial wilt, and phytophthora. Avoid problems with adequate soil drainage, good air flow, insect pest control, and crop rotation. If necessary, check with your local Cooperative Extension Service agent for specific control options