Dolloff Beans


These beans are cute, almost lima shaped beans that need a trellis to grow or they will crawl all over the ground.  The pods are large with 5-6 beans inside.  They take the whole season to grow but will provide you with an abundance of seeds when fully grown.  Abenaki heritage bean from Vermont, this bean is perfectly suited for Quebec as long as you get it in the ground in early May.


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Dolloff Beans

  • 50 seeds
  • Open pollinated
  • Heirloom
  • Determinate
  • Distance between plants – 3-6″
  • Distance between rows – 2′
  • Full sun
  • Water every 2-3 days
  • Days to maturity – 90-100 days
  • Days to germination – 6-10 days
  • Height – 5-8′
  • Phaseolus Vulgaris
  • Germination rate – 80%

Sow: Direct seed after last frost

Harvest: After 90-100 days and the bean is brown and dry

A Vermont heirloom and descendant of the Horticultural Lima bean, Dolloff beans are the namesake of Ray Dolloff who hailed from Burke Hollow, Vermont. West Burke resident Hattie Gray recalled walking as a child with her mother in the 1920’s to get seed from Roy to plant in their garden. She grew Dolloff beans for 60 years, famously sharing them at church suppers as baked beans. In 1985 seed was gifted to Leigh and Phillip Hurley who then circulated it in the wider Seed Savers Exchange Seed Exchange Network. Our stock came from Vermont seed saver Sylvia Davatz.

Productive vines easily reached the top of an 8-foot trellis to yield an abundance of 6 inch pods holding 6-7 beans each. Versatile, the beans are delicious as a snap bean or shelly but they excel as a savory, hearty dry bean.

Seeds received their Abenaki seed status by Fred Wiseman from the Seeds of Renewal project in Vermont.

Seeds bought from Heritage Harvest Seed farms and grown at Le Noyau Farm.


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