California Orange Poppy


The California orange poppy, belonging to the Papaveraceae family, grows wild throughout California, and became the state flower in 1903.

Grown on the farm, we are pleasantly surprised at how well this grows in Stanbridge East.

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California Orange poppy

  • 200 seeds
  • Organic
  • Open pollinated
  • Distance between plants – 4-8″
  • Distance between rows – 18-24″
  • Full sun ++
  • Water every 4-6 days
  • Days to maturity – 55-75 days
  • Days to germination – 10-15 days
  • Height – 4-12″
  • Eschscholzia Californica

Grown on the farm, we are pleasantly surprised at how well this grows in Stanbridge East. Edible heirloom that is the national flower of California. We love finding this beauty popping up all over our farm, even if we have not planted it there.

Sow: Direct seed in ground on surface, 1 week after last frost, does not like transplanting.

Harvest: All season long during flowering. Leave some flower heads for re-seeding

From the research we found, the first recorded information on this flower is from Dr. Johann Friedrich Eschscholtz, who was the learder of a Russian expedition in 1815.  The California poppy became the state flower on December 12, 1890.

This flower, once in your garden, will be your best friend.  It reseeds itself fairly easily, loves dry soil so if you forget to water it, it still survives.  You can deadhead the flower heads to encourage growth of new flowers or leave them to drop their seeds down.  Make sure that you maintain them a little or they will over grow in an area and clump up.  You will be surprised where they pop up in your garden.  Such a delight.
Diseases and pests: Aphids and Thrips


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