Early annie Tomato


Early Annie tomatoes are great producing plants that come up earlier than most other tomatoes during the summer and they seem to be one of our customer favorites.


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Early Annie Tomato

  • 40 seeds
  • Organic
  • Determinate
  • Open Pollinated
  • Distance between plants – 24-36”
  • Distance between rows – 36”
  • Full Sun
  • Water every 2-3 days
  • Days to maturity – 60 days
  • Days to germination – 6-12 days
  • Height – 3′
  • Lycopersicon lycopersicum

Grown on the farm it is one of our customers favorite. This american heirloom fruit come up earlier than any of our other tomatoes. The plant stays compact so it is good for balconies.

Sow: Indoors 6-8 weeks before last frost 1/8’’ deep & transplant 2 weeks after last frost

Harvest: 76 days until last fruit is ripe

I enjoyed growing this tomato plant.  It produced alot of 3-4″ fruits, very early and very fast.  Needs to be supported by a stake.  It is a determined tomato plant.  It loves to grow in tight areas, so you can plant it in a pot or tight in a row.


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