Trio Mizuna, Bok Choy & Tokyo Bekana

On ne peut pas s’en passer de ce trio dans notre jardin ici à la ferme. Vraiment facile à produire, les trois variétés aiment beaucoup être semées tôt et tard dans la saison et aiment le froid alors n’ayez pas peur d’en semer en avril et en septembre.



Featured seeds :

Trio : Bekana,  Shanghai Green Bok Choy and Mizuna

We can’t get enough of these 3 delicious greens in our garden and on our plate. Fast growing, easy to produce and very generous in it’s nutritional value, these greens are a staple in our kitchen. Our simplest and favorite recipe is stir fried with garlic, honey and lemon. The other possibilities are endless as they are a great addition to soups, pestos, salads and bowls. Many people love them with a chosen protein, tamari, ginger, garlic and rice. Fast and easy to grow, you can plant in succession super early and late in the season so that you have them all season long. They are cold hardy plants so don’t be afraid to test them out in your garden.