Hidatsa Red 1/2 climbing bean


Hidatsa Red is a very productive half climbing bean that can reach up to 4′ .  Usually producing 5-7 small seeds per pod, the Hidatsa bean makes for good salads and soups.  They are not as big as say the iroquois cornbread but they do pack a nice nutty punch.  The history behind the seed is that they come from the Dakota people near the Missouri river.  Le Noyau will make it a priority to communicate with the community and find out more about it’s history and the women who worked to save the seed for so many generations.

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Hidatsa Red Bean

  • 30 seeds
  • Open pollinated
  • Heirloom
  • Distance between plants – 3-6″
  • Distance between rows – 12-18″
  • Full sun
  • Water every 2-3 days
  • Days to maturity – 85 days
  • Days to germination – 6-10 days
  • Height – 3-4′
  • Phaseolus Vulgaris
  • Germination rate – 80%

Sow: Direct seed after last frost

Harvest: After 85 days and the bean is brown and dry.

Seeds produced: Le Noyau Farms


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