Tall Orange Marigold


This beautiful tall marigold is such a pleasure to have in our garden.  I personally love the smell of this flower, it calms and grounds me.  It is said to have originated with the Aztec but there are also naturalized versions of these flowers in North Africa from what I have been able find in my research.

These flowers are great companion plants as they attract pollinators galore, and repulse other pesky insects like aphids and underground nuisances like unwanted nematodes.  They are great companion plants for most of your garden vegetables, but they particularly help tomatoes and peppers.  Be mindful where you put this variety though because they are really tall and can shade out your plants.

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Tall Orange Marigold

  • 150 seeds
  • Open pollinated
  • Distance between plants – 12-15″
  • Distance between rows – 24″
  • Full sun
  • Water every day until established and then every 2-3 days depending on heat waves
  • Days to maturity – 50-60 days
  • Days to germination – 7-10 days
  • Height – 3-4′
  • Tagetes Erecta
  • Germination rate: 80%

Grown on the farm, this 4’ flower attracts healthy pollinators, all the while repelling harmful insects from your garden produc- tion. Tomatoes particularly love their presence.

Sow: Start indoor 1 to 2 weeks before last frost and then transplant after last frost.

Seeds produced : Le Noyau farms


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