St-Hubert Pea


This green pea is ideal for drying, requires a tutor since it can reach 3 to 4 feet in height. Its white flowers give a subtle soft color to the garden that will produce beautiful green pods. Rare and hard to find. Is considered to be on the verge of extinction. “(Source Potager d’Antan)

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St-Hubert Pea

  • 50 seeds
  • Organic
  • Open pollinated
  • Distance between plants – 6-12″
  • Distance between rows – 24-36″
  • Full sun
  • Water every 1-2 days
  • Days to maturity – 70 days
  • Days to germination – 7-10 days
  • Height – 48-72″
  • Pisum Sativum L – Fabaceae
  • Germination rate – 83%
  • Seed life: 2 years

Sow: Outdoor 4-6 weeks after last frost 1’’ deep

Harvest:  When pea pods are plump and green

They are considered one of the oldest crops and have provided humans with nutrition and sustenance since before civilisation as we know it. The wider opinion is that they were originally from Central Asia or the Middle East. Scientists have found carbon dated sugar snap peas in a cave between Thailand and Burma that were dated around 9750 BC. Today there are over 1000 varieties of pea and they are grown in all areas of the globe, ranging from Europe to India, China to Russia.

Source: Potager D’Antan

Indeed, an old European tradition dating back to the 15th century mentions that a pea soup would be associated with Saint-Hubert, patron of hunters and foresters.

In summary, in the 7th century, after moving away from God and skipping a Good Friday, Hubert met a deer carrying a shining cross that would have inspired him to spread the word of the divine.

After many exploits including miracles, he brought the gospel to far-off lands and built multiple places of prayer dedicated to the Lord.  He died on May 30, 727 and was consecrated Saint on November 3, 743. This is one of the reasons why it is celebrated on November 3 in Belgium and May 30 in France.  Moreover, the settlers from Europe brought this variety to Quebec in the 17th century and would have perpetuated its name to this cultivar included in the famous “Hunting Soup” and this, in honor of Saint-Hubert. (Source


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